Count of Poitou - 11th and 12th centuries

Obverse Reverse

This is a silver denier of Poitou, a rich region to the southwest of Paris. It was minted anonymously during the reign of several different Counts of Poitou in the mid 11th to 12th century. Included in this reign is Richard the Lionheart!, however the odds of this are quite slim. If US coins weren't dated how would you determine if a quarter had been minted during the Carter years or the Reagan Years? This is the type of problem that we face with this very popular coin. It is based on a posthumous design of the coinage of Charles the Bald - grandson of Charlemagne. The obverse shows a short cross surrounded by +CARLUS REXR with the obverse showing the monogram MET ALO in two lines. It was minted in Melle, which was known as "Metallum" during this period. It is in F condition.

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