Philip IV - King of France 1285-1314
Philip the Fair

Obverse Reverse

Here is a silver denier of Philip IV "The Fair", King of France who ruled from 1285-1314. The obverse shows a short cross (rather faint) with the legend +PHILIPPVS REX (King Philip). The reverse states +TURONUS CIVIS (City of Tours) with yet another "Castle Tournois" design. This coin and the one above show the relative care exercised by the two mints. The royal coin, while worn, shows particular attention to detail that is lacking in the Crusader coin, especially in the circular borders and the lettering. This coin is in VG to F (Very Good to Fine) condition, basically because it was a "nicer" coin than the previous one to begin with. As you can probably tell by now, the "rules" about coin grading definitely deserve the quotes. In reality, there aren't any.

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