Manfred - King of Sicily 1257-1266

Obverse Reverse

This coin is of Manfred, King of Sicily from 1257-1266. While it is in rough shape overall, there are parts of it that are as sharp as the day it was minted. This is a small billon "denaro" - perhaps a half-denaro. It has acquired a rich chocolate brown, almost black patina that makes it difficult to scan. The obverse shows a bird facing left with the legend __AYNF___. The reverse shows SICIL___ REX around a short cross. This was another case where serious investigative techniques were necessary. Luckily, there is only one possible match for the letters "AYNF".

Manfred was the "bastard" son of Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor. Named regent of Sicily for his underage nephew Conradin in 1257, he usurped the throne three years later in 1260. He was overthrown and killed in battle in 1266 by Charles I of Anjou, brother of King Louis IX.

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