Successors of Herbert I - Count of Maine, 11th and 12th centuries

Obverse Reverse

The obverse legend on this coin reads +CONES CENOMANNIS, surrounding a monogram. The reverse reads +SIGNUM DEI VIVI surrounding a short cross.

I think this coin may be a forgery, and I'm including it in this collection to see what others may think of it. The coin is made of a dull gray metal, almost like some kind of heavy aluminum. It makes a dull sound when dropped on a hard surface (NOTE: Don't try this with just any older coin - it might break!). Most of my other coins "ring". As you can see from the scan, there are some unusual encrustations on it - you can see where I attempted to scrape some if it away and revealed a copper or bronze colored fabric underneath. Also, there are raised portions of the design in strange places - it seems unusual that the coin is so evenly worn in some places and then there are these areas that stick up for no apparent reason.

In any case, I will be very interested to hear your opinions on this coin. I will post them here (anonymously if desired) if I hear from any of you.

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