Louis IX - King of France 1226-1270
Saint Louis

Obverse Reverse

This is a silver Denier Tournois of Louis IX of France (Saint Louis). He ruled from 1226-1270. The obverse (front - generally accepted as the side which denotes the person or authority that issued the coin) shows a cross with the legend + LUDOVICUS REX (King Louis). The reverse shows a crude castle or cathedral with the legend + TURONUS CIVI (City of Tours). The legends on the coins generally begin with a smaller cross, here shown at the 12:00 position. This Tournois style (signified by the crude castle or cathedral on the reverse) is very common (see the Crusader coins below and on the second page). This coin may also be from the reign of Louis VIII, his father, who ruled for a short time from 1223-1226. Louis IX did not alter the coinage upon assuming the throne at the age of 12. This coin is in F (Fine) condition.

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