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Favorite Games

DIXIE - FIRST BULL RUN (Columbia Games)

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These two card games are quite different yet I find both to be quite enjoyable. Dixie lets you recreate a battle in the American Civil War, while Tank Commander deals with World War II on the German/Soviet front.

I'll start with Dixie. Please scroll down the page to find the information about Tank Commander.

DIXIE - First Bull Run

After playing many games, it is becoming clear that there are several strategies that can help a player win a game of Dixie, First Bull Run. I'll start with some general strategies, then some that are tailored to each particular side.

General Strategies
When to Attack and How
Other Strategies
Breakdown of "Special" Cards
Strategies for Each Side

As a last resort, the best strategy is to be really lucky at rolling dice.

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The coin pictured above is from my collection of Medieval coins. It is from the county of Blois in 12th century France. It is worth about $40 or so and is the size of a US nickel (though much thinner). You can see more of my collection at:

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It shows many more coins of this era, along with some historical information. Give it a look!

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