Henri I or II - Counts of Champagne 1152-1197

Obverse Reverse

This is a coin of Henri I or II, Counts of Champagne. Henri I ruled from 1152-1180, and Henri II from 1180-1197. The coin was minted in Provins, a town in Champagne. The obverse shows a short cross with several adornments, surrounded by the legend +HENRI COMES (Count Henri). The legend on the reverse states CASTRI PROVINS (Castle Provins).

This coin reveals a certain sense of humor, as the design incorporates a rather clever pun. Provins is in the region of Champagne - which of course is the home of a very famous beverage. As you can see, the field of the reverse of the coin contains a comb. When the French words for field (champs) and comb (peigne)are put together in this fashion, the pun (champs-peigne) is revealed.

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