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These coins were minted by various feudal authorities - Counts, Viscounts, and Dukes. These men ruled entire regions of what is now France and often were more powerful than the King. Most of these coins adhere to the basic "denier" style, with some form of short cross on one side, with a design, monogram, or other device on the other. During the late 15th and early 16th century the King was finally able to somewhat consolidate his power after the end of the Hundred Years War. At that time he severely restricted the rights of these feudal rulers to coin money. Thus, feudal issues begin to wane during these centuries and are all but eliminated by the 17th century.

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Viscount of Bearn
William X of Aquitaine
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Conan III of Brittany
Count of Blois
Raymond VII of Toulouse
Successors of Herbert I of Maine
Henri I of Provins

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