Crusader Coins

This is the "Crac de Chevaliers" or Castle of the Knights. It is a European style castle built during the Crusades in what is now Syria. Many example of these Crusader castles remain in the Levant to this day.

The Crusades were a series of military expeditions that continued on and off for several hundred years from 1086 until about the 14th century. Over twenty "official" Crusades were launched, with varying degress of success. Once the European invaders established themselves in and around the Holy Land, they began to mint coinage. Not surprisingly they styled their coinage after that which they already knew and utilized similar styles in an effort to confirm their legitimacy. What follows are some coins from Crusader states established in what is now Greece and parts of Turkey. There is also Crusader coinage that was minted in Jerusalem, but that generally commands a higher price given the general public's great historical interest in that city.

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