Conan III of Brittany - Duke of Brittany 1112-1148
Conan the Fat

Obverse Reverse

This coin is a billon ("BILL-un" - highly debased silver - basically just tin or other random metals which may or may not contain any silver at all) Denier from Brittany, a Dukedom in the northwestern region of France. It was minted by Duke Conan III "The Fat", who ruled from 1112-1148. The obverse shows the monogram ( I V S ) surrounded by the legend + CONANUS. The monogram is a stylistic remnant from earlier coinage - it has no particular significance. The reverse shows a cross surrounded by the legend + REDONUS. This coin really highlights the crude engraving techniques used by the medieval minters. The "S" on both sides is essentially placed sideways to make it fit and is constructed by using two "C"s. The reverse shows evidence of a double-struck die and is easiest to spot in the decorative border of the inner circle. When the minter struck this coin, his hammer probably bounced. The lower die shifted and on the second strike, a slightly offset doubled design was the result. This coin is in F (Fine) condition.

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