Alexander Jagiellonczyk - Grand Duke of Lithuania 1492-1506
King of Poland 1501-1506

Obverse Reverse

This coin is a silver half-groschen from Lithuania. Even though it is out of my general field of interest, I picked it up because I liked how it looked, and once it was in my hands, I didn't want to let it go. The obverse shows a knight riding on horsback toward the left, with his sword raised surrounded by the legend ALEXANDRI * L_D_ . The reverse shows an eagle looking to the left surrounded by + MAGNI DVS LITVANIE (Grand Duke of Lithuania). This was minted by Alexander Jagiellonczyk, who was the Grand Duke of Lithuania from 1492-1506, and also King of Poland from 1501-1506. Lithuania was much bigger back then and fought a war with Russia during this time period. This coin is in F/VF (Fine to Very Fine) condition.

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