This shows my daughter Cassie and I at Grand Teton National Park in the fall of 1997.

This is my son Alex with Cassie in April of 1998.

I currently work as a stay at home father, raising our three children. I must publicly thank my wife, Marlys, without whom none of this would be possible. She is a University professor at Oklahoma State University.

I first became interested in Medieval coins while working on my Master of Theological Studies degree from Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary (G-ETS). My area of specialization was the History of Christianity, and my thesis was a creative study of the Fourth Crusade (c.1199-1204). I was doing some research and stumbled across a web page where these coins were available for sale. I was amazed that they were available and also that they were relatively inexpensive. Good examples of coins that are nearly 1000 years old can be purchased for $20-$30. If you want to go back further in time, you can get Roman or Greek coins that are about 2000 years old for $5 or even less.

I invite you to visit the other websites on my page of links if you are interested in collecting Ancient and/or Medieval coins.

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