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On April 2, 1999, Vern Etzel wrote: (On the Columbia Forum)

Very nice website. About Victory! though... "THE PROBLEM" is not correct. Stalemate is not the problem. The only REAL problem with Victory! is that it completely departs from CGI command ideas.

I think they were trying to make a simpler game.

Every other CGI game has limitations to movement and command. THIS is the key problem with Victory! I could live with everything else, but "everyone moves" is just another version of the old Avalon Hill "Blitzkrieg".

You must identify the problem correctly if you intend to provide solutions. If I've somehow convinced you here, perhaps you could rework your website with an alternative.

What I am trying to do is to "fix" Victory within the framework already established by Columbia. That means coming up with a couple EASY changes that will make the game flow better, etc. It seems that what you are suggesting is a much larger overhaul of the entire system and that's not really what I'm trying to do.

Headquarters units, logistic units, supply cards, alternating moves, one-command-per-city--- whatever solution seems to fit, SOMETHING needs to be done to bring Victory back into the tradition of CGI games!

If you'd like to come up with something, I would be glad to put it on the web here on my site. Remember, my fundamental rule here is to try and keep it simple and fun. I look forward to hearing from you.


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