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Introductory Scenario

I've developed this mini-scenario so I could teach the game to my wife. I've playtested it three times with different results, so I think it's pretty well balanced. It contains all the elements that are likely to come play in a larger scenario, yet is quick to set up and plays in less than a half-hour.

German Forces

(8) Infantry totaling 33 points:
(2) Waffen SS
(2) Veteran Squads
(1) Line Squad
(2) Recruit Squads
(1) Cavalry Squad

(6) Armor units(See notes for types)

(4) AT guns (See notes for types)

(2) SPW 250 or Mittlerer half-tracks
(2) German Trucks

(5) Panzerfaust (2) Stuka Air Strikes
(1) Rocket Artillery

(5) "Random Special" cards (See notes)

30 total cards plus 5 "specials".

Soviet Forces

(8) Infantry totaling 31 points:
(2) Guards Units
(3) Line Units
(2) Cavalry Units
(1) Recruit Unit

(6) Armor units (See notes for types)

(4) AT guns (see notes for types)

(2) Scout Cars
(2) BA-20 Cars

(5) AT mines (from "special" deck)
(2) Rocket Artillery
(1) Sturmovik Air Strike

(5) "Random Special" cards (See notes)

30 total cards plus 5 "specials".

Play Notes:
Players should choose the Armor and AT guns used in this scenario to get a good balance between sides. If you want to have the heavies blast away at each other, that's great. But be sure that you don't give the Germans 2 or 3 Tigers while the Soviets get old 1941 tanks that can't touch them. Also, be sure to choose the AT guns in the same fashion. It's OK if one or two of them aren't capable of hitting some of the enemy tanks, but if they all can't, there is likely to be a play imbalance. If you're using late-model tanks, use late-model guns, and vice-versa. Also, pay attention to the HE values of the tanks and AT guns. While this is not a critical factor, it will definitely play a role and should be considered.

Also, go through your cards and pick out all the "offensive" special cards like breakdown, wire, flank shot, minefield, AT-mine, confusion, Recon, etc. You may include one or two counter-battery fire or air-interception, but keep these cards to a minimum. Also include some foxhole and bunker cards. The idea is that since there are so few cards in this scenario, every one of them should be used. Shuffle this deck and deal five cards to each player. They should incorporate these cards without seeing them into their decks at random. The rest of these cards are placed aside until next time.

Players shuffle their decks and deal 25 cards to begin. They place their cards in two ranks of three, face down, with a minimum of one card per position, and a maximum of three cards per position. Once play begins, the forward positions will be revealed. If players wish to place equipment or foxhole/bunker cards with their units, these cards count toward the initial three CARD stacking limit. On their turn they may place any number of equipment and/or foxhole/bunker cards at no "play" cost.

Players roll to see who starts and then both players reveal their forward cards. Then they start blasting away!. Each player replenishes his reserve with a card after his "play" until these left-over cards are used up. Play continues until one player occupies two of the three positions in his opponent's last rank with a combat card. (Trucks and cards with no AT or SA attack values do not count - half-tracks and BA-20's DO count for this scenario.)

After players feel comfortable with playing, terrain can be added and players can start tinkering around with unit levels, reserve capabilities, etc. That's where the creativity starts!

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